Our Projects

Collaborative & Innovative

Training on mediation, arbitration, and negotiation-Dispute resolution

Our primary goal is to create a better way to prevent conflicts prevalent in our communities through mediation, arbitration and negotiation. We enable people to resolve conflicts themselves, live peacefully and grow up strong vibrant cohesive communities. We constantly search for more effective solutions, while sharing our knowledge and expertise to promote peace and social cohesion in partnership with communities as we strengthening local conflict prevention mechanisms via the council of elders to ensure there is presence of sustainable peace. 

Upcoming mediation training/seminar: Baringo, Kenya July 2021.

Leadership and Mentorship programs

We provide leadership/mentorship programs aiming to inculcate skills such as basic leadership, self control, identity, diversity, problem-solving, decision making, setting priorities, empathy, and so on to youth in secondary schools and colleges in partnership with the department of education and other relevant stakeholders.

Emergency Responses

We respond to emergencies caused by conflict, natural disasters and food crises especially in arid and semi-arid land, the home of pastoral communities. Beyond emergency aid, we work tirelessly to create lasting change and build resilient communities.

Research and Policy Division

We invests in rigorous empirical research essential to find solutions to challenges of peace such as alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, underlying causes of conflicts, conflict prevention, security sector reforms, climate change- disaster prevention and preparedness, gender and peacebuilding, good governance, and conflict transformation. The research is translated into action, promoting the culture of evidence to inform policy makers on peace issues.

Our Affiliated Professors

  1. Dr. Tony Karbo

  2. Dr. Mariateresa Garrido

  3. Dr. Salome Nyambura

  4. Dr. Maurice Odhiambo

  5. Dr. Geoffrey Maroko

  6. Dr. Mohamed A. Eno

P.O Box 61438-00200, Nairobi, Kenya

+254 722904512