Oasis Peace Web Organization

Creating Peacemakers. Building Peace.

Oasis Peace Web (OPW-O) is an organisation dedicated to the goal of peacebuilding and good governance. The organisation seeks to address the unique challenges of peace facing our societies by laying initiatives to prevent conflicts and to promote good leadership. Today, many societies are facing with vicious cycles of violence. Many of the conflicts that lead to this violence can be resolved by people themselves to avert such crises. Thus, OPW-O seeks to equip people with trainings, skills and knowledge on how they can de-escalate conflicts, lower its intensity or prevent it from occurring if possible through negotiation, mediation, arbitration. The organisation also provides mentorship programmes aiming to inculcate skills such as basic leadership, self control, identity, diversity, problem-solving, decision making, setting priorities, empathy, and so on to youth in secondary schools and colleges in partnership with the department of education and other relevant stakeholders.

Our Vision

To be a transformational organization dedicated to the goal of providing excellent training to practitioners and professionals seeking to resolve disputes facing humanity and to promote ideals of good governance.

Our Mission

To lessen conflicts facing communities by equipping people with skills in mediations, arbitration and negotiation together with provision of mentorship programs to the youth through partnership with learning institutions and professionals in private and public sectors.

CORE VALUES                

The organization’s activities and duties are guided by the following core values:

  • Humility

  • Empathy

  •  Diversity

  •  Innovativeness

  •  Accountability

P.O Box 61438-00200, Nairobi, Kenya

+254 722904512