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Empowering Refugee Women as a Journey of Support and Resilience by Bianca Mborifue

Updated: Apr 28

 Refugee women face unique challenges in relocation, safety, and new environments. A network of dedicated individuals and organizations supports, empowers, and elevates their voices. The UNHCR reports on the priceless labor of these women in Uganda and South Sudan.  Working with women refugees in Uganda and Makpandu, South Sudan, I observed their resilience and determination to leave their homes despite facing immense hardships. This resilience demonstrates their commitment to safety and dignity, and the acceptance of hope in their journey.

 Working with women refugees in Uganda, South Sudan and even in Kenya requires more than logistics to maintain operational superiority. Support centers provide essential supplies, knowledge, and assistance, providing a sense of belonging. Prompt feedback and empathy are crucial for resolving refugee issues. Accurate analysis and documentation of protection issues help build confidence in the support network.

 There is a need to enhance Education referrals in Bwuyale Uganda and Makpandu, western Equatoria Yambio South Sudan, by collaborating with service providers to ensure refugee women access to legal aid and healthcare. They also suggest promoting empowerment through community activation, involving local volunteers, and providing them with the necessary tools to effect change.

To sum up, Volunteers and support workers in Uganda and South Sudan demonstrate kindness, teamwork, and perseverance. Empowering refugee women is crucial for a society where everyone can succeed. However, they lack educational tools like sanitation, hygiene, and nutrition.

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